Friday, August 11, 2006

I am a lying liar!

If you have read my last post – which was in April!! “I am back”, I declared and that too in bold capital. And then like an election manifesto failed to live up to the promise made!

Often I asked myself why haven’t written. (A few of you have asked me the same!) Is it that I had nothing to talk about? No, that’s not correct. There are so many things to talk about – Lebanon; Bombs in the Mumbai Train; FDI in Bangladesh; Poppy’s New Movie [Ranikutir Baki Itehash]; Fire in the Garments Factories; Oli Ahmed Doing Something at last; the list goes on. Maybe I had so much to talk about that no words came out. Sometimes we shout silently! I think I did that the last few months.

But now I can’t keep it in any longer. It has to come out again.

Inshallah I AM BACK!!

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