Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Article in Daily Star

Daily Star has published a slightly modified version (edited for newspaper by me) of my post "What if people power is not right". It is viewable at [http://www.thedailystar.net/2006/09/05/d609051501130.htm] or by clicking on the headline of this post which will take you to the relevant page on the Daily Star site.


Anonymous said...

What about publishing the Bengali version in all regional news papers published from Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, Rangpur, Bogura , Rajsahi and other centres.
This article can be the lead for yelling truth to the readers and give birth in future to a movement for change in the attitude of Fulbari locals.Congratulations. Very well concieved.Sujay Nag

ishfaq said...

I found this article absolutely fascinating. The young man has raised his voice when many others in Bangladesh have prefered to remain quiet.
This whole attitude of saying 'NO' to any foreign investment is a fashion among a dying breed of otherwise well-meaning leftists who refuse to see how thecworld has changed. Even their idol China or Russia are no longer the same.

Of course, the incident shows the deep mistrust and contempt people have for the corrupt politicians and the beaurocrats. I hope, as the dusty settles we have an unbiased reexamination of the whole isue.

Salam Dhaka said...

Maybe Mr. Ishfaq would feel differently if one of those shot dead were his family member.

Supriyo said...

Very pertinent comments, Farhan! However, I am compelled to think that rationality is not the commonest of approaches people tend to take to such issues.

For example, the street protestors in Phulbari was at par with members of US Congress in terms of rationality, if you consider that the latter was consistently talking against various commercial deals [including one for P&O, which is based in London, but owned by a Dubai-based group].

Such debates are raging all over the world, regarding free trade vs national interest [US ports], Development vs Resettlement issues [every major dam in the world], progress vs change in the way of life [casinos in London Millennium Dome]. And, honestly, if you look at each case, either the big money or the media sentiments winnning the game, not rationality.

In any case, my greatest take-away from your article is the main point you make - the failure of established norms of debates and discussions, Jatiya Sangsad. Clearly, the people on the street does not trust the MPs to sort it out for them. This, I am sure, is a more dangerous trend.

Phulbari will be settled one way or another, and life will go on [except for those dead and wounded, for whom I feel deep sorrow], but the corrosion of faith in established channels of decision making will only slide everyone into anarchy. Street power, or Mob Power, always undermine people power, and I hope we will be able to turn back to our senses before we descend into abyss.

Rezwan said...

Hi Farhan Bhai,

I have highlighted two of your posts including this in the Global Voices Online.

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

Thanks for the comments everyone (And Rezwan for the plug on Global Voices!)