Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Third Wave!

As predicted in my article "1+1=-53" Oli has bolted from BNP taking with him many disgruntled old gaurds. Take my word more will join soon.

Most likely LDP will have a tacit support of the AL in the up coming election. They will most likely contest in 20 - 25 seats, with the aim of winning 12-15 and ensuring BNP looses in the others!

I hope that good sense prevails with LDP and they will play the part of a responsible opposition in the next Parliament. If Nazim Kamran's predictions are correct (there is no reason it is not) AL will win a substantial majority. BNP in most likelihood will boycott the parliament. In this scenerio the MPs of LDP can become the "shadow" government and serve as check and balance to AL's treasury bench.


Salam Dhaka said...

What this really is is a challenge to Tarique Rahman as the head of BNP. I agree, many more will join LDP and even the ones that don't go, might push back heavily against Tarique Rahman as next chief.

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

You are abosoultely right. I think we are watching the begining of the end of the BNP as we know it!