Monday, November 20, 2006

Take Back Bangladesh

Today is TBB day. It is a day when we pledge that we will take back Bangladesh from the path of destruction. Free & fair elections are our inalienable right. It is up to each and every citizen to stand up for it.

Another of our basic right is that under Article 32 of the Bangladesh Constitution, “No person shall be deprived of life or personal liberty”. So any action, however well meaning, that takes away our liberty to live a normal life should be rejected. We should not live in fear.

Today we take a small step that we hope with your support will become a giant leap!


eeshita said...

With you all the way...good luck for todays event. Break a leg :)

Anonymous said...

The traffic system has totally collapsed.It is deterioting every minute.The oborodh has given right to rickshaw to drive in wrong direction.
Dear Care Taker Govt, kindly give us some releif in this front.A releif we got during last care taker govt.