Friday, December 01, 2006

Saving Bangladesh

As a part of's effort to further our cause the Daily Star weekend magazine ran an interview of mine as the spokesperson of TTB. Click on the headline of this post if you want to read it.

Zafar Sobhan has written one of his brilliant op-ed piece on Take Back Bangladesh in today's Daily Star as well. It encapsulates the spirit behind the movement. Do read it. []

And do remember to come for our concert today at 2:30pm at Rabindra Shorobar Amphitheater, Road 8a, Dhanmondi.


Tanvir said...

thanks farhan bhai for informing, be there in time!

Rezwan said...

Looking forward to its success.

Salam Dhaka said...

Nice job my freind. Had I been in Dhaka, I would be there for sure!