Monday, January 01, 2007

Into the Future!

Happy New Year; Eid Mubarak; Merry Christmas; Happy Hanukkah; Swraswati Puja-er Obhinondon!

I guess with all these holidays I was on a vacation mode. Sorry. I seem to have this knack of going AWOL when major happenings occur! Maybe it is me hiding from making comments on so much happenings.

Okay now that I have made somewhat of an apology for not writing for so long I’ll now bore you with some self-publicity! But given my advertising background I can not but help it. It’s so engrained in my D.N.A!

The good folks in the swell newspaper New Age has come out with their annual “Heroes” issue. And guess who makes and appearance? Well not as yet in the main heroes section but in the one titled “Faces for the Future”.

Here is what they had to say:

Nazim Farhan Choudhury

The deputy managing director of Adcomm Limited is also the co-founder of political action group Take Back Bangladesh. The group is a social platform aimed at involving the younger generation in politics. ‘When we say “getting involved”, we don’t mean standing for an election or attending a rally,’ says Farhan, ‘but about being aware and understanding one’s rights.’ The group recently held a concert to raise awareness of their cause, and currently stands with several hundred members. ‘After 1971, our country was shaped by young people like Kamal Hossain; the youth have not had a significant influence after that. Now, it is time for this generation to take a stand for the country.’

I think I should categorically add here that I am but another cog in the Take Back Bangladesh movement. (I am NOT being modest!) All its success owes to everyone who have contributed, motivated, energized and supported us.

Interestingly to quote the last paragraph of Ms. Naila Kabeer’s write-up (she making it into the Heroes section) ‘Just this morning, I heard about something else, that also made me hopeful,’ says Naila. ‘Some of my friends were discussing a concert held at the Dhanmondi Lake, where bands were singing under a theme titled “Take back Bangladesh”. That sentiment just needs to be spread.’

Let us hope 2007 is the year we start taking back our great country!

Link to the New Age Heroes Section:
And to my write-up:


Nazzina Mohsin said...

That's AWESOME, Farhan bhai! I can see that special banner behind you! Congratulations! :-)

Salam Dhaka said...

Congratulations Farhan. A well deserved spot indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wish you all the best and congratulations Farhan. Hey its not self-publicity man you are already in the publicity sectors so it's all good.

I hope and pray that Mr Farhan would be the same guy who I came to know throught blogs as a non-partisan Bangladeshi lovers who sees things with both eye's not from the eye of AWL and BNP.

Keep it up and surround your self with good people not the interest seekers.

( as a brotherly advice I am with you as long as you would be right and be with you till you are right and be apart from you when you go wrong.)

Supriyo said...

Congratulations, Farhan, on the coverage. You did your bit - and I am certain, despite your modesty, you deserved every bit of it!

Anonymous said...

Yet to come across a self-publicist-cum-narcissist like you. I admire your confidence.

ZaFa said...

I read it the morning it came out. :) Feel privileged to be associated with you.
Good luck on all your future endeavors – I know you’ll be there for a long run.

DON said...

Farhan Bhai! You are the best...and I mean it! And I really wish that someday you become one of the political leaders of this country..please, save us!