Friday, May 11, 2007


DISCLAIMER: After reading transcripts of his email conversation with certain other bloggers, tt was indeed sad what Tasneem had to say about his stint with us in Adcomm. It is very disheartening that he needed to blatantly lie. We in Adcomm pride ourself in our professional integrity. It is on this reputation we have built Bangladesh's largest communication business.

I debate with myself on if I should take down this posting. But then decided against it on the grounds: 1) I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt till I get to talk to him. 2) By stooping myself down to his level I make myself a lesser of a person. 3) What I said holds true. If Tasneem was detained for his journalistic work he should have been released. Of course now it seems he was questioned for "anti-state" activity. While I am not sure if it is true or not, I understand the reasons for the authorities to question him. 4) This clarification hopefully will put to bed any questions on reader's minds. 5) Lastly the freedom of speech and of thought is of paramount importance.

If anyone wants further clarifications, please feel free to contact me on my email address.

Thank you for your attention.


I don’t know why the joint forces picked up Tasneem last night. One can of course guess but as I learnt over the last few weeks, it is often better not to jump to conclusions.

However here is the circumstantial evidence. Tasneem has been quite vocal against the human rights violations that have happened in the hands of the security force apparatus. His recent investigative piece on the Modhupur was very insightful. Not to mention the work he has done on RAB’s “cross-fire” incidences.

If his detention is a result of his journalistic work, it must be condemned. In the harshest words we must protest. The true character of a nation is its ability to accept varying viewpoints and dissent. By not realising this, the powers that be in Bangladesh today is showing that they are not capable of distinguishing themselves from the undemocratic administrations of the past. That will be a pity given the intentions and high moral standards that this Government has vowed to live by.

And it will be a tragedy for all of us who believe in our freedom of speech. I might not agree with Tasneem on many things, but I strongly believe he has the right to express what is in his mind.

Tasneem's Blog:

For More Information

UPDATE: Tasneem was freed 20 hours after his detention. I believe he is well. Will know details later. Good sense has prevailed.


FZ said...

Farhan Bhai, watch before u write anything in ur blog. Be aware before sending sms msgs. You can get picked up by the army. Your links with the foreign intelligence units can be discovered.

Our time has NOT come Farhan bhai. How wrong u were.

Good Samaritan said...

Thanks for bringing this to our notice. I'm glad that u're writing about such issues; after all you are in a unique position to do so. Also glad that Tasneem was released.

bodda said...

bumped into your archives (and thus ur blog). i seem to like the way you see things (and express it - powerMACing in the comfort and safety of gulshan flat).
bindu theke shindu hoi. realization is the first step towards positive action.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious video. Must See

Maulana Nizami singing a folk song

Anonymous said...

I don't know how true the reports are. Howver, could you please clarify whether Adcomm has any link with Tata ?

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

Yes we do Anonymous. We are the PR agency for the Tata project in Bangladesh. & quite proud of it I might add.

Anonymous said...

In that case, Geetia Ara Chowdhury, as the industries adviser and the owner of adcomm does have a serious conflict of interest as per I see it. I don't know what TK said because you cannot always trust a news without proper source, but if he was refencing to this conflict of interest, I must say he does have a point.

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

I was not mentioning any conflict of interest issues. I believe she has already excused herself of any deliberation on the issue in point.

My comments was on TK's comments on the ethics of how we do business.

kowshik said...

I don't know what TK's point about your business as it is not clear from this post but thanks for admitting his vocal for human rights!

nazzina said...

Farhan bhai

I never thought I'd come back here after what's this CTG been doing lately, which obviously involves your mom (without questioning whether she's part of decision making or not, because she is IN the cabinet anyways and it appears your relatives are pretty good part here). What Tasneem bhai says it's someone's private opnion and it's shared by millions others. I wasnt shocked to read his email transcript but when I came to know your company is the PR agent of TATA when your mom is the ADVISOR of INDUSTRIES ministry! I havent seen any news on where she dropped to be their agent. This is a very serious conflict of interest. Having working for only two years in a professional line and being in my mid twenties only, I understand this, why cant you or your mom realise this the definition of "conflict of interest"? Here you are saying you are still proud agent of TATA, do you think people really will believe you when you say your mom has nothing to do with any "beneficiary" work done becos of her position?! It wont matter how many times you swear upon god or you do hajj because in the end, for decades, this is what the so called powerful people did and it WILL appear to every individual that you are doing work like any corrupt politician worked earlier. I have no reason to blame Tasneem bhai blame on this to even guessing your interest. This is indeed disturbing, knowing you for a brief period of time, I do believe you're an honest man. But it doesnt really make any sense at all when you do not understand what is conflict of interest.

Very sad


Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

What is sad Nazzina? What have you not understood?

No one is questioning the conflict of interest issue between Adcomm being the PR consultants to the Tata Project and Mrs Choudhury having the portfolio of Industries Ministry. As I clarified in the earlier comments she has declined participating on the Tata issue if that comes up. It is not that we have gotten this project because she is an Advisor. We have been handling the account for over 2 years now! And it is not that we have hidden it from anyone. Most media and journalist are aware of our ties. We on a regular basis interact with different stakeholders on this project. Will you believe me if I was to resign the account now that I have no vested interest in seeing it through?

It is easy to throw aspersions on a person's integrity, isn't it? Well I know of Mrs Geeteara Safiya Choudhury's character. And as a Bangladeshi I am absolutely positively happy she is in the CTG. And as a citizen of this nation I stand behind this government. What is sad that you are not being able to see the woods from the tree!

As for the issue of what Tasneem said, private conversation or not, he wrongly mentioned some business methods that my company employs. He was, to put it mildly, was lying through his teeth. And THAT was the issue.

And that brings me to the other point hinted in your comment. It seems you are of the opinion that the Tata project is bad for the nation. Why? Is utilising our resources for improvement of the nation a bad thing? Is reversing our balance of payment issues a bad thing? Is ensuring the development of North Bengal a bad thing? Is diversification of our energy basket a bad thing? Is value addition of our natural gas a bad thing? Is increase in industrialization of the nation a bad thing? Is fixing our infrastructures like road and rail system, our ports, our electricity grid etc a bad thing? Is the CSR endevours that the Tata Group does worldwide being replicated in Bangladesh a bad thing? In my books, this is the best project that can happen to this nation at this point of time. This company has more than 100 years of integrity, honesty, and dedication behind them. I am not only proud to be calling them my client but so damn happy that they have chosen my country to invest in.

Nazzina said...

So you basically you stand behind each and every wrong doings this government is doing? Fine by me, I getto know other part of you.

And I havent given any hint that I dont like tata. I was questioning your links.

Anyways, I wont be talking to you regarding this anymore and will not explain what I'm "seeing".

So they say all the potatoes look the same, after all.

Truthseeker said...

Nazzina, excuse the late reply, but I have two words for you: GROW UP.

As for Farhan Bhai: A few questions for you. Now that TK seems to be alive and kicking in Sweeden (my sources say he managed to get some sort of a political asylum, is that right?), did you get to speak to him about this issue? Depending on the outcome of your decision, I think you should STOP giving him the benefit of the doubt. After hearing his podcasts on E-Bangladesh, I am not willing to give him the benefit of his own doubt. His overly dramatic podcats imply he is being used by a very powerful discredited group to overturn 1/11. "Hired guns" are always ready, it seems. I guess the added benefit is he managed to get an assylum in the process.

Lastly, do you have the softcopy versions of the transcripts that came out in Janatar Chokh and some other publications? If so, I will contact you personally to get a copy. I think we all need to see what it said.

The conspiracy is alive and kicking, we need to stand up against it.

We must also ask, if we have BNP-AL returning again, can you imagine how they will return with venom and a sense of indispensability?