Monday, June 09, 2008

Shada Moner Manush

There is beauty everywhere. And these are the people that an Optimist lives for. Something that renews and rejuvenates one belief in the inherent good of mankind and particularly our fellow citizens. Unilever presents this years 10 Shada Moner Manush (Humans with a pure heart!).

These year's 10 recipients come from varying religious, geographical, age, gender and economic category. They have been nominated for differing work they have done in different fields. But they share one thing. The desire to put others before self. To put their nation before themselves. To do good for mankind (and in one case the environment!). They are examples one should bow our heads to. And pray that hopefully one day we can be like them. And even if we achieve a little bit of that. I think this nation will be so much more than it is today.

This year's Shada Moner Manush are (picture left to right):

* Shudhir Chandra Bardhan
* Rokib-Ud-Daula Akonda
* Shrimongol Tilokand Mohathero
* Md. Shamshuddin Mandal
* Kanai Chondro Das
* Fazilatunnesa Bulu
* Dr. Khalekuzzaman
* Manobendronath Sharkar
* Jahanara Begum
* Md. Jahir Alam

We at Adcomm are proud to be part of this process.

Here is what the Unilever has to say about this.

Nowadays, in this tech-savvy world, people are becoming more and more self-centered. The complexities of the modern world are making people think of themselves as they don’t have a choice. The so-called moral values are lost in the maze of globalization. To keep up with the pace people don’t have time to look anywhere else. We are tapped by a society that has stopped thinking and feeling. Don’t we have anything left?

Yes we do. When we get to know that a working person from a remote region of the country is working to help others, completely ignorant of his or her own benefits. Instead of thinking of personal financial betterment the person is thinking about people, the society, and the country. Unmoved through the hazards of life, they continue to help humanity. We can’t help but hope when we know that quite a number of people, in different regions of Bangladesh, are silently doing their duty for the people. Maybe it’s true that most heroes are anonymous. That’s why we don’t get to know about them much. But the fruits of their works are benefiting thousands, protecting the nature, improving the society. Ones who rise up from the limits of selfishness and think about welfare of the society they are mostly selfless and unspoken of. White stands as a symbol of all that is beautiful, soft and beneficial in the world. And these people have a white heart or in other words they are “SHADA MONER MANUSH”.

In the year 2006, Unilever Bangladesh Limited has taken up the responsibility to find these blessed people from all around the country and introduce them to the people, so that everybody else will follow their example. The call to these people went out in the form of advertisement where people were encouraged to find “SHADA MONER MANUSH” and ones who did would be rewarded. The hype was so intense after the announcement was made in all the television channels and newspapers that three thousand recommendations were submitted. After cross-examining all the recommendation the top ten “SHADA MONER MANUSH” were chosen.

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Probal Chakravorty said...

The thought and initiative is going to be durable, atleast I think so, contrary to the glossy initiative of the corporates, this was unique and excellent. Time to recall that Tall oaks grow from little acorns....