Thursday, September 01, 2005

Day 3

Captian's log... Stardate September 1st... in a planet... far far close! (well at times closer than we believe!) A hurricane across New Orleans has snuffed out all the jazz/ blues singers. Has caused oil prices to US$ 70. Has it even registered a blip in the cabinet here in Dhaka? Well you don't have to be a blogger to know the answer to that!

Somehow we are in a cocoon and believe that our PM / LoO (Leader of Opposition) is the centres of the universe. Is anyone even following what is out there? Not the hurricane only but do we have a sense of why things are happening and what are the repurcations on us? These days of an interconnected world unseemingly different incidents can (and does) have strong effects on each other. There is a great book out there called "Freakonomics". It asks questions that haven't been asked. (Why do drug dealers stay at home with mom? or What do cheating teachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?) And helps us look at life around us slightly differently.

Okay who was it that said that the fluttering of wings of a butterfly can create an hurricane at the other end of the world. (was it a butterfly in Dhaka that created Hurricane Katrina) And why are all the devastating hurricanes named after women anyway? Dangerous grounds that I am treading on. Hmm...

I need to get back into writing. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not!