Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Do I stand behind the CTG? -part II

I think some are missing the point of the emergency. It is NOT to disrupt lives of the innocent. It is to bring order to a political climate that was out of bounds in the late part of last year.

In the initial stages at times the Emergency Powers were used a bit indiscriminately. However as time passed and rule of law established itself then the unintended damage it might have caused have come down. Due process that we were shouting about in the early months of this regime is something that is now being adhered to.

Again I am not saying whatever the CTG government is doing is the best, but it is making an honest, sincere and well-intentioned effort to make amends for the past mistakes.

The two examples that Nazzina has brought up are good. [ Pls refer comments of the post Do I Stand Behing the CTG?] Because in case of Mr. Richil an investigation has been put together. I believe his body was exhumed for another autopsy. Those responsible for this gruesome incidence will be bought to justice.

In case of Tasneem, the authorities maintain that he was NOT detained for his journalistic work, but rather because of receiving huge amounts of unexplained overseas funds. According to published transcripts it appears that he was planning to use that money to fund anti-state activity. Now I am not saying it is true or not. Tasneem never cleared it to me. [Incidentally I have tried to contact Tasneem many a times. I have left messages, sent sms and emails. I have been in direct contact with his father who is worried about his son’s welfare. Tasneem has decided to remain incommunicado. Hence the disclaimer and the benefit of the doubt rather than a full frontal attack on reported transcripts.]

As some of you know, public perception in Bangladesh is often tracked through opinion polls. Our studies have shown very high approval ratings for the CTG. Which brings me to Tanvir’s point. You are right CTG does not have an election that it needs to win. But to ensure that the reforms brought in are successful in the long run, it still needs to win the hearts and minds. For that they need to ensure that the citizens of our nation are fully behind the decisions taken. In my mind one of the shortcomings of the CTG has been to clarify the reasons for decisions they are taking.

Of course not having an election to be answerable to also allows the CTG not to be a populist government (as opposed to a popular government.) Some hard but necessary decisions can be taken and implemented. Take for example the Chittagong Port. Years of corruption and misuse have been reversed in matter of weeks. Productivity of the Port are at all time high and decisions are being made on the future of our export gateway.

I think it is a misunderstanding that we believe that arrests will be made if everyone of us speak out. That is not true. Bangladesh enjoys a high level of press freedom. I am at times amazed by the harshness of a lot of reports I read in many papers or hear on TV. Till date no one has been arrested for an opinion they have had. As explained in the Tasneem’s incidence, it is for his other alleged activities that he was questioned. Not because he had an opinion about the CTG.

In absence of any political opposition, it is journalist and blogger like us who can constructively critique the government. This will help them to moderate their actions and benefit from the collective wisdom of this nation’s quite capable human resources.

Supporting any government cannot be done blindly. Neither can opposing it. Decisions need to judged on merit of that particular case. Many progress have been made and many more remain. Some have gone to our liking, some have not. But at the end of the day we have a CTG that is dedicated in its effort to bring order and prosperity to our nation. And till that remains their objective, they have my full support. And I hope the support of every citizen who wants the same.


Anonymous said...

One mistake that you are doing is to take the opinion polls in various newspaper as a scientific measure of popularity of the govt. There are many problems of doing that. First of all the newspaper opinion poll does not represent the majority of our people, it just represents the internet users of Bangladesh and abroad. Secondly, most of the poll are not secured. You can vote multiple times in Prothom Alo and bdnews24 poll. I myself have hacked the Shamokal, Jugantor, Inqilab polls (just for fun) so many times. So it does not always represent the true opinion of the online community. If you check the discrepancy in the number of votes in the polls, you can easily understand the flaws.

Nevertheless, I still believe the CG does enjoy a very good support especially from our upper and middle class people. However, your claim of the freedom of press is just ludicrous. The press is indeed under tremendous pressure from the govt. The Forum magazine issue containing Tasneem Khalil's 'Prince of Bogra' was pulled out of the stands because it reported on the DGFI chief's involvement with the IKNM. Just recently, the newspapers reported about Obaidul Kader's 'confession' of so many crimes and sabotage activities. But when Obaidul Kader denied all these in court, only Janakantha published the news. Giasuddin Al Mamun was given 3 years jail term for his failure to submit his income statement. But you know that he was under the JF's custody at that time, and all of our newspaper published such news. But none of the newspaper editors or journalist agreed to give witness on his behalf.

I can cite many such examples. About Tasneem Khalil propaganda, it was proven that how preposterously Modhupur was changed into Mohammadpur to give it a conspiracy color. I am sure Tasneem Khalil himself will come up with the explanation of the other claims.

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

Of course newspaper polls are flawed. If nothing else in the structure of the questions and its intended target respondents. Do you think I am that politically naïve to have relied on newspaper (or worse still cyber) polls? No my friend there are a few professionally designed and managed tracking study that is conducted regularly that I draw my conclusions from.

Furthermore you might be aware that I regularly visit and interact with people outside what Asif Saleh would describe as the “bubble zone”. Most are not aware of my relationship to the current administration and I believe are frank in their opinions.

As for the freedom of speech argument, I agree that there are some restrictions to it. I am not aware of the details of the exact nature of the Forum or Obidul Kader examples, but one needs to read for example Nurul Kabir and gang on the New Age to see the critique that is being brought to notice. I personally don’t always agree with their point of view but look forward every morning to reading it. I also do not believe our journalist are easily cowered. We have a long history of independent press and I believe that tradition is continuing.

As for Mohammedpur vs. Modhupur, come on, anyone can make that mistake. Specially if you are writing computerese! Another example, the reporter did not understand that 20K meant 20,000!

Anonymous said...

Farhan Bhai,

Good to know about the scientifically designated survey. I guess a similar poll was used by Mr. Nazim Karman Chowdhury when he wrote an excellent op-ed about the election results prediction. That is certainly much more reliable than the opinion polls conducted by newspapers. However, it actually depends on the composition of the sample. If the sample is representative enough of the population, we may get a fair idea about the true public opinion. As far as I remember, the previous poll was mainly based on the opinion of several thousand people in Dhaka city. Although Dhaka city is quite representative of the actual scenario, if it does not cover the whole spectrum of the income level, the results might not be as representative as you think.

Nevertheless, I believe that the survey was based on a truly represenatative sample. In that case, it would be really interesting to know who the support base of the caretaker govt are. I have a hypotheses that the govt is popular among the middle class and educated people, but the poorer section are not so much enthusiastic about them. Especially if the evicted slum dwellers are included in the survey, it should be reflected in the result. The price of the essentials is another key factor that affects the govt's popularity and I really doubt if that helps here in this case.

Anyway, it would be very nice of you if you can shed some light on the survey results. Moreover, I'd like to know a little bit about the eleciton analysis of your father, does he run any organization to conduct such surveys and to analyze the results or does he do it himself ?

Anonymous said...

And you know that Nurul Kabir of New Age was called in by a "special intelligence agency"?

Are you serious when you say you think the press is not under substantial pressure?

Ask Mahfuz Anam, he'll tell you.

Tanvir said...

Dear Farhan bhai,

As you've said, the CTG is working for reform and it has to gain mind share and heart share of people to do it properly. I believe in their sincerity to reform. My interaction with people shows two types of results. Even the slightest corrupts think that the days of CTG will be over soon, and the usual corrupted environment will return. On the other part, the good people are mostly supporting CTG. Although nobody would say to you that the bribery has been stopped and all the wings of government are running free of corruption. These good people will never raise there voice, because they want to e hassle-free, but they are seeing a positive change.

Although we need to depend a lot on the survey results, I am not at all concerned about it now, because, the government is not telling everything to us for the sake of the state of emergency. I am assuming people are not really concerned to know either. The bubble group is providing you good result, because they have given the result on current perspective. Do they really know, how can CTG be able to stop corruption, when the root of corruption runs deep into the blood of some people, who have good chance to come back in power after CTG period. Have you asked, what people really think will happen after the end of CTG. Will Bangladesh be really corruption-free after this government?

When transparency is absent, speculations start to grow. From the beginning I am hearing this government is set by foreign consulates. Then we do not know, if one chairperson of the political party was forced to leave the country and another was tried to barred from entering into the country. There are 1001 things we need to know. The government is being conservative, and thus my prediction is that it may win the heart of people for certain time, but it will not be long when the politicians will utilize these speculations to taint the image of CTG from people's heart and put things in their twisted way to win back the heart of people. To build a good relationship the CTG has to open up. Then again, I do not know about everybody, but I would definitely like to know, the goals the CTG is trying to achieve in specific timeline. I have been in the dark for long with all the vague statements. Corruption will be curbed, that is right, but how long it will go this way, and if there is any gap, the corrupted politicians may utilize to bring back corruption after the regime of CTG. People are happy in short term, but they also know the long term scenerio will not be the same. We do not have any long term direction of how CTG will ensure a corruption-free country with the traditional democratic government. We have gone through democracy and it hasn't served us well. How can we be sure that, CTG will handover power to a government which will be entirely different from the previous examples. How can I be assured that our fate will not be the same as before. We have no way to know. So then again, we are just trusting these good people, although we don't really know, if they will really be able to give us a good future.


Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...


I agree with the general point you are trying to make. According to be the biggest shortcomming of the CTG has been its failure to communicate effectively with the common Jashim in the streets and villages. As a PR professional I cringe sometimes at the silly silly mistakes being made. There is no alternative to communication and transparency. I hope the CTG realises the importance of both and put remedial measures in place.

On the question of if corruption will remain. Well most likely. But does it mean that we will not make any attempts to eradicate it? I believe this is of priority for the CTG. And after this government hands over power, I hope you and I will be part of the national movement that will act as a watchdog against corruption.

Nurul Kabir has been called upon by the “special intelligence agency” you say? I don’t know. But if he has, it proves my point. Even after being “called in” New Age continues to be a strong critique of the government. Doesn’t that show the freedom of the press?

Incidentally I’ve know Mr. Mahfuz Anam for most of my adult life. And must add that we don’t always see eye to eye on matters. But one thing that I do know is that he is not a person who will be bullied. Has it ever occurred to you that Mr. Anam might be in agreement with a lot of what is been happening? Next time I meet him, I will ask.

Anon II:
Contrary to what you believe, the CTG is, as, if not more, popular outside of Dhaka. There has been a marked improvement of law and order situation in the districts and people seem to be happy and positive about this government. There are some concerns in Dhaka, but by and large the “approval ratings” are in the 80s. Of course price of essential remains a major area of dissatisfaction. Interestingly issue of elections are not something that seems to be high on the agenda of people.

There are many organisations that run these opinion polls. Most of them are for private consumption alone. While we did do one ourselves prior to the elections, we have not done one recently. However being involved in the process, we have access or have read many of the surveys that happen.

Mr. Nazim Kamran Choudhury uses professional third party resource to conduct the field study for the surveys he does. However the design and the feedback are done in consultation with him. The analyses of the results are entirely his. Funding for these surveys are generated from our personal funds.

Anonymous said...

Is there any reason you cannot share these surveys with your readers? You mention that they are mostly for 'private consumption' but surely you must be prepared to share them if you plan on using them to back up your arguments/claims.

Surprised said...

Mr Chowdhury:

When you meet Mr. Mahfuz Anam, please ask him What the story is on why the FORUM magazine was pulled out and a particular story removed before re-printing.

I think you will get your answer.

Also if you know Mr. Nurul Kabir, ask him why he was called in.

I think you are quite removed from reality of how your military government is bullying people.

I am sure you have seen the recent story of the Army captain nearly killing a businessman in Concept Tower in Dhanmondi.

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

Anon: Unfortunately the reason I can share the details of the survey are because they are not my surveys to share. I'll talk to one of the organisations who has done this survey to see if they will agree to publishing it. Sorry.

Surprised: I will ask Mr Anam that. And Mr. Kabir. But again my point is that even if I do agree that Mr. Kabir was called in & "bullied", he still prints quite critical reviews of the CTG's performance. Is that not an indication on the power of the press?

Yes I have followed the story of the Army captain that you mention. Barbaric! But as you must have read from the reports, it was a personally motivated. Just because of one rouge person it is not fair to paint all with one brushstroke. This captain, if guilty, should be punished. However if a person in my company goes out and mugs someone, it does not mean it is my company's policy to mug!

SUSHANTA said...

Farhan Bhai

I must stay beside you if I get a satisfactory ans of the question.

''The statement of Bangla Bhai & GONG had not been published in any format but the personal life( either true or false) has been published by CTG. Is is morally supported by you: dismantling someone personal life?''


Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

Sorry Sushanta, did not understand what you said.

Should one "dismantle" Bangla Bhai's Gang's personal life?

apologies for not understanding. Can you re-state? Thanks

Nazzina said...

Farhan bhai, each and every answer coming from you is so hollow. I cannot understand on what basis you're supporting all this other than your relatives and family running the country.

I understand Joy, Tareque and Mahi much much more better now. If you think you're better than them, you'd try to be a strong critic than commenting something lame like you cringe on their tiny little fingernail-size silly silly mistakes. The mistakes that they are making as an unelected forcible government are unacceptable. Once you talk, you're threaten. Tasneem bhai is a strong example of such control over freedom speech, so are Hannan Shah, Jalil and in next few days, possibly Saber and Noor. Cant your family see dumbo Qureshi? Or have you become their PR agent as well? Remember last time in one evening we felt disgusted while talking about double standards, personal favours and greed? Do you really think people dont see CTG and their army buddies this way? CTG is NOT popular anywhere. I told you before and I'll tell now, general people, especially the poor 85% of this country are just afraid to speak against you.

My mum says I should apologise to you, but I'm strong enough to disagree with her and tell her that she's wrong and I havent said anything wrong. This is nothing personal but my raw concern on many things like I was concerned before.

You're patting yourself here for doing minimum good things and committing maximum wrong stuff, I'm just reminding you that CTG is doesnt look as cutey as you'd like to imagine. Mostly they look like a thorny rose from a deep dark wood.

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

No apology required Nazzina. As I said before, you have the right to your opinions.

And I to mine.

I am afraid it is difficult to see through eyes filled with hate. But calm down, let's look at the big picture. What seems to be wrong there? Is crime down? Is corruption down? Are reforms taking place?

Of course a lot of what is happening is not to everyones liking. But is taking the country back like it did a few months ago?

And are you expecting me to believe Jalil, Babar or Tarique Zia have not done anything wrong? For godsake, they robbed the country. They took away our future! They let murderers off! Cleared out our forests! Corrupted the nation!

What is your solution to the issue as it stands now?

SUSHANTA said...

OK Sir

' Dismantle' means ''take to pieces''. As a civil engr. i like to use the word.

MY question:

Do you support the dismantling of Khaleda Zia's personal life by the media cell of CTG?

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

A bit of sensationalist journalism don't you think? I don't think I expected any better from Shomokal. I usually try and refrain from reading these. (Though I must confess I am reading with amazement some of the extent of corruption being talked about!)

But was this reported by the media cell of the CTG? The Shomokal article did not mention any official sources.

Now before everyone starts shouting, riddle me this, at one end some commentators are saying the CTG is not giving out enough information and then some say there is too much!

Anonymous said...

Do you think Moudud's charges of possesing alcohol without a license is not a joke?

We know some advisors in the CTG drink alcohol.

I assume they all had licenses?

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

They got Al Capone on tax evasion charges my friend!

And first time around HM Ershad on possession of liquor and unlicensed fire arm.

Now do I think this case is flimsy and motivated? Yes. Do I think they needed to arrest Moudud? Also a resounding YES.

The other option was ofcourse detain him without "due process". We don't want that, do we?

BTW do you not think Moudud Ahmed should be arrested?

SUSHANTA said...

Thank you Farhan Bhai for your stand. I dont understand what kind of Journalism this is!
N.B: The link http://www.amadershomoy.com/news.php?id=172297&sys=1

was from Amader Shomoy not Shomokal.

tanoydutta said...

Farhan , Basically I respect your views but I am agreed with Nazzina

that Tasneem is the biggest example of it. You know what's our basic problem is

1) There is no freedom of press

2) Judiciary is simply inactive.

and this is the biggest reason

Anonymous said...

I hope you won't begrudge me not giving you the benefit of the doubt regarding these surveys until you can share them with us, given your family connection to the military backed CTG.

I appreciate that you're not an official spokesperson for the CTG. But since you're such an ardent supporter and possibly have access to some inside info I would like your opinion on a few points:

1) Are avoiding human rights violations and 'cleaning' the system mutually exclusive? The perception is that HR has taken a back seat and this has been bolstered by some well publicised and flippant comments made by your mother and Mainul Hussain on the subject.

2) Do you think leaking interrogation reports/CDs will affect the chances of the people accused of getting a free trial? Sure, they may have not have come from the CTG Press Office but I find it hard to believe that some 'rogue' officers are doing this systematically for their own kicks.

3) Do you think it is appropriate to assume that 'celebrity' corruption suspects are 'guilty untill proven innocent'. By celebrity I refer to those with a big reputatiion for being corrupt.

4)Given that the CTG has extended the time frame to submit wealth statements to 7 days, hence acknowledging that 3 days was a bit unrealistic, why are some people getting prosecuted for not submitting in 3 days?

5)What do you think can be achieved restricting the movements of the leaders of the 2 main political parties?

Finally, as a PR stunt do you think it would be interesting to have a representative of the CTG/ACC live in a glass box ala David Blaine for 3/7 days and then produce a wealth statement as a show of good faith :)

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

Sushanta: oops sorry! Yeah I meant Amader Shomoy instead of Shomokal. (Readers pls read AS instead of S in the above quote!!)

Tanoy: It takes some time to get rid of years of abuse. I believe the process has started. Incidentally as mentioned earlier, Tasneem's issue is not freedom of press one rather than one of receiving of huge amounts of unaccounted foreign funding.

According to me the major issue that the CTG faces is its inability or lack of proper communication.

Anon: Unfortunately I don't have access to inside info. I wish I did, then my hit rates would have been astronomical! :) But my personal opinion are

1) Nope not mutually exclusive. By and large due process is now being followed.

The particular quote that was attributed to Mrs Choudhury that you refer to was incorrect and ill motivated. BTW I have the b-roll (i.e. unedited version of the conversation from where the quote was taken). If you send me your email / snail mail address, I'll send it to you. But it is slightly heavy! (Approx 106 MB)

2) & 3) Of course a lot of what has been leaked is for public appreciation reasons. I for one have known there was corruption in the system. But till I'm reading the reports now, I wasn't sure of the extent! Can you believe it… they let out killers!

It seems most of what is being confessed to is also being corroborated by others and followed up with hard evidence. Now did the interrogators threaten to physically rough up suspects! Most probably! I think “Good-Cop-Bad-Cop” is an excepted practice. As are some psychological methods. But from most reports it seems that when proof is brought before them, most are singing like a moina pakhi!

4) I am not sure of this point. A technicality as far as I am concerned.

5) I don’t believe the reason movement is being restricted are for “security reasons”. But rather that both are suspects in felony cases.

6) They don’t need PR stunts. They need a PR consultant. I’d love to do the job but I’m sad most of the commenters here would shout nepotism! :(

PS. I’m still working on trying to get you the survey results. But hey go ahead and disagree with me, doesn’t change the fact of what these polls are throwing up!

SUSHANTA said...

Farhan Bhai

Just spend 5 mins to read the report from Hana S Ahmed:


Dont think it as a family matter. I just want to inform you that there are many such cases in Bangladesh.

nazzina said...

I'm not hating here Farhan bhai. Hate is a big word. I could say I am disgusted. I havent seen any sorry asses before who wouldnt allow a leader or so go to a disaster area. Could you please inform your relatives that I think they've proven themselves to be some freaking jokers?

You said "And are you expecting me to believe Jalil, Babar or Tarique Zia have not done anything wrong? For godsake, they robbed the country. They took away our future! They let murderers off! Cleared out our forests! Corrupted the nation!"

I am not saying they havent done anything wrong but the way CTG is handling their cases is unbelievably stupid. Jalil is not exactly corrupt, now dont think I'm saying this some weird AL supporter. He's been arrested only to stop him from talking. This is absolutely rubbish. I cannot understand why the fat Qureshi's not being arrested in that case. He's sitting next to a man who sold Red Crescent.

You're now making up cases against corrupt/non-corrupt people, trust me, one day you'll have to go and then, I'm pretty sure you'll come back to this circle, possibly tied in some fake and not-so fake cases.

You're forgetting that you're letting murderers get away as well. You havent touched Jamaat, nothings been done to Cholesh Ritchil's murderers and other 60+ people who were killed in joint force custody. There's more in the list, but I wont mention them to give those people a chance to come forward, possibly when CTG wont be in power.

And I am calm here, so you dont need to tell me to see bigger picture, because I'm already seeing it. You told me this when I left PAB but in the end it was proven that I was right then as well. At this moment, only person who is kinda working now is CEC, rest are chewing gums. Just so you know that some of the biggest donors that i know are holding billions from investing because they dont trust the motives of this unelected government regardless of how much effort you put in of CTG's popularity. They are waiting for a stable elected govt. So if you have slightest patriotism in your heart, you would encourage CTG not to go for a blue print that will end up leading us to an unrecoverable disaster.

CTG also needs explain their idiotic decision on submarine cable. I know from this IT expert that at least 80000 jobs lost because of this decision. You claim to be in IT business, could you explain who was that loser in CTG to make this decision?! Also, taxes on computers?! Why the hell? You'd like everyone to be loan-grabbers from Yunus and do "murgi chash"?! I know SO many people saved up to have a PC and now, it's going to cringy for them to buy as well as will be living on fear in case one or two parts go dead. How foolish!

Anonymous at 3:43 PM, June 14, 2007. Thanks for your brilliant questions that cant be answered here properly.

tanoydutta said...


Basically some points Nazzina has raised . I just want to add some thing. Regarding Tasneem let me tell you some thing. I know Tasneem from his Days of Sylhet . He is almost 8/9 years Junior to us. From my white
Eyes I never have seen Tasneem is behaving like a Tycoon or some thing.

Did CTG able to give simple proof that tasneem has received X amount

of fund. Those type of News are only coming up to Tabloid called
Aamader shomoy and they also claimed the source from a Microscopic Magazine called"Jonotar Chokhey," If I am not mistaken Asif and Naeem wanted to protest on this Janatar Chokhey about Modhupur and Mohammad pur.
and they simply denied to publish on such report.
I know it is very unfair to ask you like this because I know It is a very popular trend now a days
"IF one TAREK Zia is corrupt, Mahi, Joy even Nazim Farhan have to be corrupt because they are the sons
of prime minister, Ministers or president.
and If you ask for the proof of such claim, You will see some spicy stories not even have guts to

present in front of court."

But You have an individual identity
as First class Citizen . So you can ask CTG why did n't they go for proper trial ? Why is a less Circulated Jonotar Chokhey become the spokesman of CTG?

Now You see about the Barrister Mainul & Abdul Matin.

These people have got all the benefits of Last BNP GOVT. At least Anti corruption has lots of record to open any File against Mainul only on the basis of his past activities. Because According to all News agency he even does not hold very clean track record. Biggest problem of CTG is transparency.

Every day Mainul comes with New Formula " Hasina is not matured leader." type of statement.

are those Mainul's personal comments?

or He is become official spokesman of CTG.

If it is not how he can speak such

thing in a press conference.

About Telecom Industry I am simply

Fed Up. BTTB is the owner of the SEWEME-4 cable . There is VOIP drama is going on every day. But To be very honest this sector is dieing.
At Last Farhan I again mention that you are not responsible to

give those answers because you are not part of CTG . But Yea on the basis of Open discussion you may shade some light on this

Anonymous said...

Two things to check -

1. Are there any CTG advisors that have kept/had alcohol in their house without a license


2. Are there any deers running around any CTG advisor's property that may not be licensed.

I think you'll find both.

Fariha Sarawat said...

Farhan bhai,
I must congratulate you for being able to hold the fort even in the face of such adversity. I'm not writing this comment to you though, just highlighting some points that your anti-CTG commentators are failing to address.
1)On the basis of what are mr.anan(s) calling this CTG unpopular? Have they talked to the store owners in various parts of the city who are no longer victim to extortion at the hands of police/mastan/MP/ward commissioners et al? Or the poor farmers who are finally getting power reverted to them for summertime irrigation? Or may be the pedestrians on the street to finally feel safe to walk the roads of dhaka?
In my personal experience, for the first time in yearrs, when I spot RAB or police on the streets or get stopped by them, I don't feel fear or trepidation. For the first time I feel that I can exercise my citizens' rights.
2)I don't understand why your readers feel the need to defend the rights of those who have never even respected the rights of those who voted them to power, be it AL or BNP. I am not supporting the human rights violations (only allegedly- I would like to see concrete evidence) committed against them, but why are your readers overlooking the efforts made to bring the evil to justice? We've enough proof against the atrocities committed by these political honchos, why must there be hue and cry at their arrest? Can anybody deny how they have been amassing millions? And Nazzina, Abdul Jalil is honest? Whaaaaa???? Please provide proof in the form of tax returns, income and bank statement and validate the money in the foreign accounts.
3)Noone is ever happy about the budget. I've witnessed about 12 in my life and I don't remember anybody ever being happy. The budget is not meant to be all-pleasing.Thanks to the anti-corruoption drive, we might earn more in texes this year.market-focus, which is geared at generating employment which is most important.
4)Tasneem Khalil. Who is Tasneem Khalil? How did he magically get the CNN job in 2004 ( I remember thinking this as a journalist back then because noone I knew could understnd why CNN hired him)? Morever, I have it from my sources (Inside DS hence I can't reveal names) that the whole reporting section at Daily Star is quite anti-TK because of the stunts he pulls and because of his shoddy repoting skills, propensity to doctor facts and obvious political bias. Imagine, his bais is too much even for DS!!
5)Press freedom. The press faces pressure everywhere in the world. But can you imagine Mahfuz Anam or Abed Khan being taken by force and then made to disappear? Please read about atrocities against the press in Latin America. Our press, unlike western media does not cave in to pressure. Perhaps because there exists a check and balance system as each media agent has its own political bias and by the grac of Allah Rupert Murdoch has no interest in our part of the world.

And lastly, in our quest to trash the CTG's efforts in ensuring a free and fair election, we often overlook the fact that they are only a temporary guardian. Our real fate still resides in the hands of our leaders as they will eventually come back to rule us. Our real focus should be on debating whether we want our old leaders and old fates back or not.
I hope you're faring well. hearing great things about you from Arafat :)

R. Mahmud said...

Nazim Frahan:

I am writing this post in your blog for the first time because I am impressed with your comments.

Hardly people have guts to retract from what they once believed. I am amazed to see your stance on T.Khalil change. That spoke of a man who is not adament, who thinks and is open to changing information.

I had been reading this thread last couple of days and been watching that you had been fighting hard to stand for what you believe to be right. My respect for that.

I shall give my view which is pretty similar to what you said. Lets talk some facts. Correct me if I am wrong.

About CTG:

1. Did it come on its own! No.
2. Did we like what happened in Oct/28 and what was to happen on 1/22! No
3. Do we want to go back to 1/11! No for me. I guess, interesting would be to see what people that criticize this CTG fervantly like! Why not give them an option to hand over power back to Yesuddin backed by BNP to be followed by 1/22! If they don't like CTG, then that is the option. And let them again decide what to do! After all CTG's job should not be only to remove BNP and hand over power to another some party.
4. Is our politics clean! No.
5. Interesting: It seems interesting to see that we have businesman who are willing to give donation in crores for political party. Why not court to decide if it was willing or out of seeking special favours or out of fear!
6. HR violation by RAB: Did any of us shouted HR, HR, HR, .... when the criminal kills us, loots us, rapes us! None shouted. Actually every body shouted that it is governments failure to maintain law and order. Are criminals afraid of RAB! I bet. Were they afraid of any one before! I am afraid, no.
7. Is RAB a creation of CTG! No. Was there X-fire before! Yes. If it right! I believe if it is intentional it is not.
8. Do people stand for RAB! From what I hear, a resounding yes.
9. Is shooting in cross fire right! No. This seems to be a catch 22. You can't take down criminals when there is no force. Now if you use force it becomes a moral dilemma. Did RAB contribute to increased / better law and order situation! definitely yes.
10. Is killing us right for criminals! No. Could we stand against criminals! Theoretically yes practically we could never. What proof we need than what is up in the air! (Babor taking 20 Crore and letting the murderer go!)

Lets see what CTG has done. I shall only focus on macro aspects. farhan correct me again if I am wrong:

1. CTG Port: Service and cost efficiency increased and reduced by 40% plus / minus. Could political party do it! Noooooooooo. In fact Moin and Noman made us jimmi. How much is the saving! According to DS, 5000 Crore / Year. Who did it! CTG backed by Army. Who ensured it! Of course without Army's help it would not have been possible. I am happy to see army involved in situations like this where they can contribute like this.
2. ACC: Is ACC working better than ever! Yes. Did ACC worked under Political government! Never. Is ACC going after criminal / dishonest! Yes.
3. EC: Is it acceptable to BNP / AL as is now? Yes. Was it ever accepted to both like this! Never in recent past. Is it free! Yes, at least better than before.
4. Judiciary / Court: Was it ever free of political influence! No. Did AL/BNP gave it freedom! (So theoretically speaking even if judiciary is not free we don't loose anything. You can't loose what you don't have). Never. Did CTG started the process of independent judiciary! Yes. Is it complete! No. Why! It takes time. What the political party could not do in 15 years, can at least deserve some time. Am I ready to give that time! Yes.
5. Corruption: Is CTG going after dishonest government officers! Yes. Can they go all out at once! No. They should not. Then they will loose the battle. They should pick their battle one at a time.
6. Business: Are business man happy! Yes. Who would not be when they see port functioning so smoothly. What used to be 11 days + turn around for ship from Singapore is now 3 and Half days. Is there extortion! Yes but less than what it used to be (I am guessing).
6. Is there unhappy businessman! Of course yes. Who are thiese? Those who are the beneficiary of corruption. Are we going to be affected if these big business tycoons are taken to task! In short term yes. In long term - no. Should we let them go just because we are going to be affected in short term! Never. remember we need to pay price if we want anything good.
7. Budget: Is every one happy! No. Can every one be happy! No, Never. Does any one like to give tax! No. So it has to be enforced. Do we like force! No but that is the only option. Was there any budget before that both BNP and AL said workable! Never. What about this time! Both BNP and AL said it is workable. Is there place to improve! I bet. Did government try to take step to reduce cost! Yes. It is 100% successful! No. Why! Because we the people are culprit. Government can only advise. But business / selling is done by us. Why do we charge high when we ask govt to keep price down!!!!!! Why why why.....
8. Market Price: Is it going high! Yes. Is it new? never. It kept on going high during both BNP / AL. Did CTG try to keep it under control! Of course they did. Even BDR is in market. Can CTG force us! No. If it does, we will cry foul. So if CTG is asking us to keep prices down and it is not, who is mainly responsible! We - the business. Why are we selling at higher price! Can situation be improved! Efforts should continue. Is there efforts? Yes it looks like at least.
9. Police: Was police ever free of political influence! Never. Was it used badly? For - Ever. What is the situation now? Better. At least police can work. Are they trying! Yes they are. Are they perfect? No. Can they be perfect! Not in a day. It will take time. Is CTG allowing police to work freely! Yes.
10. Constitution: Did CTG violate constitution! No. Who talks about 90 days limit! Political party. Where was the limit and constitution when we moved CTG on 1/11! Was constitution exploited legally! Yes. BNP did it. They wanted to employ their people at the helm of affair by extending age limit of judge. Can do it legally! Yes. Should they do it morally! No.
10. Is constituion bible that it can't be changed! No. Is people for constitution! No. It is constitution for people. So if we have taken a detour in 1/11, we can take again if that is in national / public interest.
11. Democracy: Did we have true democracy! It seems now, no. Was it at least in theory! Yes. Are we asking reform! Yes. Would Political party as they were have done reform themselves! I doubt. Did any party practice democracy! Never. Was it democracy in name and autocracy in action! I bet.
12. Probable Future: Is govt trying to stay in power! Well they articulated very clearly that they will not hold election until 2008. Did AL/ BNP welcome that! Well they did. What is their goal! Hold election. But they are telling that holding election only will not ensure fairness. Is that right. In my opinion yes. A country that was World Champion 5 times consecutively needs to go thorough overhaul to gat back to track. Any one has any idea where are we now? Did I see any signs that they may not! So far no.
13. Freedom of Press: Well not at least Press is complaining. If they don't complain, there may be to probable answer. Either they are afraid or they are truly under no compulsion / force. What are we doing! Blindly assuming they are not free. What is the reality! Press is writing whatever it likes. Of course there were mistakes. Is that persistant! Not for the moment.

Mistakes by CTG:

Did CTG did any mistake! Of course they did. They are not angels. Some of the mistakes they did are as follows:

1. Barring SH: Was it right! No.
2. Forcing KZ out: Was it right! No.

Good to see, they retracted. They accepted that it was a mistake. Did any government ever before accept any mistake! I have not seen.

3. Eviction Drive: Did they evict poor people! Yes they did. Was it lawful. Of course. Was it morally right! No. Did they back track! Of course they did.

Good to see this government is reacting to people's emotion. Did we have any other government before doing the same! Not appears to me.

4. Failure to Communicate: I agree with you, they would do better communicating more openly. Sometimes a good and honest explanation justifies the action that apparently seems unacceptable. However, I do know that there are times when not every thing can be discussed openly for state interest, how so ever strongly we may dislike it.

5. I don't like this 3rd party thing. I wish, CTG continues to force reform and not sponsor any 3rd party. At the same time, I also believe that every one has right to float political party. If some one is disgusted with the revelations of confession and join new party who can blame! But I wish if it is, let it be sponteneous and not sponsored by CTG. What is inspiring to see is that both BNP and AL are proactively working to embrace reform. That is the success of this CTG. That SH/KZ are giving up ground of absolute autocracy is a sign of good days to come.

My Rosy Prediction:

Is CTG impact good for future of democracy! I believe - yes.

Do I believe we will go back to democracy! I am an optimist.

How and Why!

1. So far CTG made it clear that they will hold election. Until they do some thing else, I am ready to give them credit for their words.
2. For all purpose Army is behind this CTG.
3. Army clearly stated that they will not take power.
4. I think Political Parties will benefit from this forced reform and in the end we will have an end to dynastic politics. It is sad to accept that a country of 150 million people will fail to create a leader that can not take the helm of AL / BNP.
5. I strongly believe that events of 1/11 will prove to be better for the future of our democracy / politics. At least political parties will be mindful of anything wrong should they dare ever again to stand against the will of people.

Thanks Farhan. I know it is a big post. But wanted to stand by your good and honest write-up.

R. Mahmud

tanoydutta said...

To Fariha,

1)On the basis of what are mr.anan(s) calling this CTG unpopular? Have they talked to the store owners in various parts of the city who are no longer victim to extortion at the hands of police/mastan/MP/ward commissioners et al? Or the poor farmers who are finally getting power reverted to them for summertime irrigation? Or may be the pedestrians on the street to finally feel safe to walk the roads of dhaka?

Ans:I don't know which class you are representing but I want to avoid personal attack straight away.
My question to you Have you ever gone to the store and do you have enough time to go to any rural area of Bangladesh how they are?See I can claim yes they are bad and you can claim yes they are good . If you keep gun in any one's head every one will be happy. This is the original picture of the press of Bangladesh. she when you do have
red glass in eyes ,every thing is good. Basically let me tell you one thing .We claim we are non partisan.
If your so called great Govt has so much transparency why they are going behind state of emergency.

2)I don't understand why your readers feel the need to defend the rights of those who have never even respected the rights of those who voted them to power, be it AL or BNP. I am not supporting the human rights violations (only allegedly- I would like to see concrete evidence) committed against them, but why are your readers overlooking the efforts made to bring the evil to justice? We've enough proof against the atrocities committed by these political honchos, why must there be hue and cry at their arrest? Can anybody deny how they have been amassing millions? And Nazzina, Abdul Jalil is honest? Whaaaaa???? Please provide proof in the form of tax returns, income and bank statement and validate the money in the foreign accounts.

Ans:Well Fariha Are you an Income Tex officer?I am not answering on behalf of Nazzina. Because she will answer that. But If I am not mistaken I did not find any where she has claimed about the honesty certificate of Jalil. My question to you Can you provide any link that Jalil did not file his tex return and every thing? Now my question to you. Are Bangladesh Army officers, CTG advisers filing their tax filing regularly? Don't you think Terrorism is corruption?

Just tell me Why is Jamat still untouched . Could Ctg show minimum courage to bring them under Trial while in last three years every home and international media were focusing on them.What about the Rangs Building?

3)Noone is ever happy about the budget. I've witnessed about 12 in my life and I don't remember anybody ever being happy. The budget is not meant to be all-pleasing.Thanks to the anti-corruoption drive, we might earn more in texes this year.market-focus, which is geared at generating employment which is most important.

Ans: Agreed . But I fail to understand where is the relation between Tax and anti corruption.
Are you not too emotional?

4)4)Tasneem Khalil. Who is Tasneem Khalil? How did he magically get the CNN job in 2004 ( I remember thinking this as a journalist back then because noone I knew could understand why CNN hired him)? Morever, I have it from my sources (Inside DS hence I can't reveal names) that the whole reporting section at Daily Star is quite anti-TK because of the stunts he pulls and because of his shoddy repoting skills, propensity to doctor facts and obvious political bias. Imagine, his bais is too much even for DS!!
5)Press freedom. The press faces pressure everywhere in the world. But can you imagine Mahfuz Anam or Abed Khan being taken by force and then made to disappear? Please read about atrocities against the press in Latin America. Our press, unlike western media does not cave in to pressure. Perhaps because there exists a check and balance system as each media agent has its own political bias and by the grac of Allah Rupert Murdoch has no interest in our part of the world.

Ans: Great question .I am sorry to know that you were not in the CNN body. So why are you asking every one? Why don't you ask CNN?In BD news papers even Editor's Brother in Law is holding post. But If I am not mistaken CNN and all those media are looking for Minimum quality. But I don't know if Tasneem is bother in Law of any CNN

Directors or not.

Abed khan and Mahfuz Anam are now behaving like ostrich. Because there was some thing called Freedom of press there and it is going so smooth in the language of you. By the way again Fariha you have made a mistake . According to you Tasneem is always doing his publicity stunt and he is

not popular etc etc. Then why are not they exposing all over the world. why do they need third party called Fariha? why didn't the Govt

take him in front of trial?

See Fariha Emotion is good but when it is going out of logic with out data and logic ,it will make mess up.

Farhan I respect your neutral stance. I don't like personal attack at all.

So Fariha those question is raised to you only while you are raising your question.

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

woohow! I knew I should have logged in over the weekend.

Folks thanks for the support and thank you for the critique. As I've always said, through discussion and debate we can see each other's points of views. And in a democracy that is paramount.

And my argument is based on that pivotal point. Today we are in charge of our destiny. It is the horizon we point our ship towards which will guide where and how the next few years will be spent. And by us I don't only mean the CTG, the Army, political parties or the shushil samaj! I mean me and you! What are we going to do? What are going to be our contributions? It is easy to sit back an criticize. Not only the CTG but also the past regimes. But what is it that we need to do now for our future?

Vast majority of the debates and conversations that I am taking part in these days seem to be fixated in the past. Who did what to whom where and when! Or what are the failures (and successes) of the CTG. Is it not time to change the goal post? Is it not time to focus on where we want this nation of ours to go and how we think are the steps towards it?

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

I believe that an UNDP survey that show extreme support for the CTG was unveiled today. I'll have the link as soon as available.

R. Mahmud said...


Is there any way to know if the result on Ranking of Corruption of countries is out after the last time we were # 1 uring the BNP's time! Just wanted to know if we are still # 1! Or have we made any progress yet!

And also waiting to see the result of survey of UNDP.


R. Mahmud

SUSHANTA said...

Read the news:

Can I have your attention!

Salam Dhaka said...


I know you like to refer to this "huge sum of money" that Tasneem was apparently getting from abroad, for which he was arrested. This is not true, it was made up.

Anonymous said...

Why is Hasina barred to leave the country but Jamaati leader Ali Ahsan Mujaheed allowed to go to Turkey last week when he also has charges against him?

Is this is Pro-Jamaat government?

Anonymous said...

'I think “Good-Cop-Bad-Cop” is an excepted practice. As are some psychological methods'

So you are saying that you do not believe that any of the people in custody are being tortured or being forced into giving confessions? And please elaborate on what you mean by 'good-cop-bad-cop' and 'some psychological methods'?

Anonymous said...


Can you deny the exchange of those emails with Tasneem? Why was never a proper denial from you or Joy about those email exchanges. There was nothing illegal about it but it showed that both you and Joy tried to sabotage the Yunus campaign by doing dirtry tricks in stead of facing him politically.

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

As SalamDhaka pointed out, we should not believe everything we read.

SalamDhaka: what I am saying is that Tasneem was detained due to allegations of fund transfer to his name and NOT due to his journalistic practice. I am not commenting on if this fund transfer occurred or not. Evidently as he was released without any charges indicate that there are not enough there to actually charge him with anything.

Interrogation Tactics: A very good point raised. Matter of fact I've been researching over the last few days on what is an acceptable form of interrogation and what is not. Hope to eleborate in a few days time. - as soon as I get the time to write! :(

SUSHANTA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,

I don't want to speak on behalf of Salam Dhaka.

But I personally feel to comment any thing on Magazine like Probe or Jonotar chokhey is simply wastage of time and giving undue importance. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can write any thing .It is not necessary that he has to reply. Dog can bite. but it does not mean you have to bite the Dog.


nazzina said...

Thanks Zafar bhai, well said. And Tonoy da too for helping me not to waste my time :-)

Congrats Farhan bhai for your appearance on ETV on 22 June at 11pm, though I need to say you could have done better as it appeared you faced most of the questions unsurely. Your answers werent clear and you supported government in a way I pointed out earlier. It was good to see some pro like Shaymol da (Editor of Bhorer Kagoj) disagreed with you in most of the issues. He was rather "soft" tonight, other times he didnt let anyone get away so easily.

Anyways, there's something I'd like to add regarding a UN agency... I know at least three recruitments took place which involved leaking questions and personal favouritism. Any an org where such corruption could take place, I wouldnt really care if they say CTG's popular or not.

You probably learned a lot from Shaymol da tonight and that CTG is actually not so popular like you or UN might be claiming. Go to a village, you'll know the truth. Shaymol da said poor people are suffering but CTG has done nothing for them so far. What you're implying is like : "petey nai bhat, paan khaiya hashey".

nazzina said...

Anon @
1:47 AM, June 20, 2007 says: "There was nothing illegal about it but it showed that both you and Joy tried to sabotage the Yunus campaign by doing dirtry tricks in stead of facing him politically. "

It's not sabotage or dirty trick, simply anti-support. It's done in many countries across the world (including USA)from advertisements to political campaigns. Nothing's wrong with it. If negative videos could be released on Hasina, Khaleda or Ershad, one has the right release a video against Yunus too. Yunus could take it to court then to prove it wrong or so. But he's fortunate he left the game and the docu wasnt released at all.

Anonymous said...


I have little respect for your childish tantrums that you are quite famous for in the blogosphere. So won't bother responding to you because you will start yelling again. Grow up first.


I have seen the emails and I know that they actually took place. If Joy wants to show that he is different than all others who preceded him, then he need to act like that. Unfortunately these dirty tricks do little to show that he is any different than the likes of Amu, Jalil and Co.

Anonymous said...


At Least Nazzina speaks openly But You are even not that honest to come with your own identity. So Are you having Identity Crisis?

Oh really have you seen the email? Then why are you not publishing those. Or Are you the reporter of Junk magazine called Jonotar Chokhey

or Probe. I am again telling Dogs are barking but it is not necessary to reply those. And If any one is throwing any bone in the Yard lots of ABC and XYZ are coming to bark.Lots of so called emails will also come.

So stop fooling about such Nonsense. If You have any evidence on your Junk Claim just go and produce into court. Other Wise things will be only open Air concert. Nazzina is a young girl.She speaks the truth. That's why you are scared to face her.

because lots of Liars are moving around who are claiming they are matured.


SUSHANTA said...

Dear ANNO at 11:24 PM, June 25, 2007

How old are you sir?
Nazzina is well matuared than u.
You have not the honesty to speak ur identity.

I think, an annon should be avoid always.

And Zafar thanks for ur reply to 11:24 PM, June 25, 2007.

Ehab said...

Referring to annonymous who posted @ 11:24 PM, June 25, 2007

So there u r - teaching other people how to behave maturely ?

Actually, you would be the first self-claimed-blog-bitch I have seen that produces such low class and out-of-the-line comments in places as high as this.

Maybe you should write a book on growing-up and net-puberty and explain in bold how you never managed to reach it ?

Please, stay away from being such a b1tch.

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

I was away on family medical emergency and come back to find my blog to be a hot bed of personal attack.

I am shocked!

As you must be aware I take pride in freedom of speech. I do not agree with a lot of what is being said here but I allow it with the hope that it will encourage debate and hence allow us to appreciate opposing points of view.

For this to be constructive I hope that those who are commenting will self regulate themselves and not start calling people names.

I hope this is adhered to in the future, otherwise I'll be forced to moderate comments. And for that I neither have the desire or time!

nazzina said...

Actually, Farhan bhai, I thought it was bold of you to let all the comments go unmoderated. :-)

Anyways, last few lines here before you post something new soon: I hope you'd realise the severe mistakes of CTG without adding a "but" to defend them everytime. I still think you could do so much better than many others with a same status and age and I hope you'd realise this soon, that you're gifted with this power which you can utilize in many positive ways. You really need to come out of a shell that's been controlled and surrounded by Gen Matin and Barri Mainul's aroma. And only then general people will be benefited from your service, like we hoped some 6 months ago.

I'm sorry for using many harsh words earlier, but you know there's no hate behind it. It's just an expression of raw disappointment... may be I expected too much 6 months ago... dunno.

Friends, you didn't have swear for god's sake but thanks for defending my rather "childish tantrum" :-)

tanoydutta said...

Well Farhan This is the actual picture. Constructive debate is always important. This type of shallow personal attack is making all
the thing messed up.

To Anon Just a little suggestion for you " Please don't comment such thing in Blog which is very difficult to prove."

You are claiming that you watch email . May be you did. But question is that are you the authorized person to speak on behalf of or against such activities? there are respective departments who are dealing with these things.Even we spoke.
So while you speak you should come with Evidence. Regarding Prof Yunus
we are proud of him but he has flaws and He is not idol that we will make worship of him

So you must be cautious before passing any comments.


I really feel you are a real state forward young lady in blogsphere.

Basically I can tell you Mini Sheikh Hasina. Basically People

Speak about sharp tung of Sheikh Hasina. But I have huge respect for her Straight forward comments. Basically leaders should be like that.All the best.

Sushanta said...

Compass Direct News says:

Muslim villagers armed with bricks and wooden clubs savagely beat 10 Christian converts in Nilphamari district, Bangladesh, on Tuesday (June 26) and threatened to burn down their homes if they did not leave by today.

The mob gave the Christians an ultimatum on Wednesday (June 27) to leave the village within 24 hours, threatening more beatings along with home burnings; that deadline expired today without incident. Muslim extremists also threatened to kill two Christians.

A human rights advocate working on behalf of the Christians who requested anonymity said he had contacted local police and government officials, including the district commissioner, but “they are very slow to respond.” Police rejected the Christians’ attempt to file a complaint, instead threatening to arrest them for “converting Muslims.”

After receiving news of the beating, the advocate traveled to Durbachari Bhatiapara and Laksmirdanga villages to find that the mob had bound both male and female converts with ropes in their homes and “seriously wounded” them. Several victims required hospital treatment, and one house was destroyed in the attack.

During the beating, one of the believers picked up a phone and called a Christian leader in a nearby town, saying, “They are beating my wife. Why should they beat her? And now they are coming for me!”

Muslim villagers had told the Christians, referring to local authorities, “Nobody will come to save you. We are stronger than they are!” the advocate told Compass.

“Now these believers feel helpless,” he added. “I just visited one of them in hospital, but he was not getting good treatment so I checked him out and tried to admit him to a private clinic, but the clinic is expensive. These people also have no food to eat, so I’m trying to buy rice and lentils for them, but in the current situation it’s dangerous even to carry sacks of rice to their homes.”

Conversions from Islam

The attack came after 42 men and women from Muslim backgrounds were baptized at a local river on June 12.

Within days, authorities at the mosque in Durbachari banned Christians from using the village tube-well, a serious deprivation as it is the area’s only source of potable water. The Christians have since resorted to carrying water from a river 600 meters from their homes.

Muslim extremists also issued death threats against Abul Hossain and Barek Ali, two villagers appointed as leaders of the new converts.

Kamal Hossain, a cousin of Abul Hossain’s and the principal of a local madrassa (Islamic school), has repeatedly summoned Hossain to his home, demanding that he give up his Christian faith. On Sunday (June 24), he argued with Hossain for several hours before writing a statement claiming that the Christian had forcibly converted local Muslims.

At the same time, a local Muslim cleric has questioned and threatened Barek Ali repeatedly, asking how much money he received for his conversion and demanding that he abandon his Christian faith.

Ali denied receiving monetary incentives. He pulls a rickshaw, a form of local transport, for a living, while his wife works in a neighbor’s field to supplement the family income. Last week Muslim extremists damaged his rickshaw beyond repair, leaving him without work or funds to replace the vehicle.

No Protection

As the 24-hour deadline expired today, the advocate, who said police had not yet come forward to assist the believers, told Compass, “We have applied to the district commissioner, to no avail. It seems the extremists have strong links with local government.”

He appealed to the international community to intervene.

“Now these Christians are panicking,” he added. “They can’t get drinking water. None of them can go out to work for fear of attack. Some are still in hospital. They need food, medicine and protection.”

The Christians don’t know where they will stay if they are forced to leave, he said, adding, “But incredibly, in spite of this pressure, they have not denied their faith.”

DEAR FARHAN BHAI: What is your say there?

Anonymous said...

do you find it slightly suspicious that mr jalil makes such a dramatic u-turn while in custody and deems it necessary to criticise sk hasina while pleading to be released?

Russoue said...

CTG has done more good things than the previous three governments have done in last 15 years in total. The wrong doings of CTG are far too less in proportion with the previous governments. That is all I understand. That is all people understand regardless of what some intellectual (hypocrite???) netizens say.

Anonymous said...

Recently, I frustratingly observed that the bengali blogger community is fraught with educated sycophants of BAL and BNP. They cry foul that CTG is not solving this issue, CTG is not solving that issue etc. They cry that they cannot express their speach freely while they (except BNP supporters) could not even utter the dreaded name Tarek Zia before 1/11. But now they are firing up. If this is the case with many educated people of Bangladesh then it is easy to understand why she does not advance as fast as she should be.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add to my previous comment that it is not CTG's task to solve every issue in six months that are left behind by the previous governments for last 36 years. Whoever cries that way is on the payroll of either BAL or BNP.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Farhan,

We Have watched lots of venom in your blog from you , Faria Sarwat and all

about Tasneem Khalil. Now HRW has already published their opinion. Do

CTG& Army & DGFI have Guts to protest against this HRW report?

For your Reference I am putting up this link-


Sad thing is that neither print nor
electronics media has right to publish the whole thing.I think this propaganda machine should be stopped now about so called anti state work.
I think sir Govt should come out with the proper Explanation.

People are facing famine Tapan and ms Chwodhury are making fun of the whole thing(Flood&Jute mills). I think you will make an instance and will come with some proper explanation of this.

Thank you Sir

Best Regards