Monday, June 11, 2007

Mahi B. Chowdhury's Stand

This morning Mahi B. Chowdhury resigned from his post at the Orgainsing Secretary of LDP as well as his Presidium post. His stated reason was that he was not elected to those posts. And if reform is to happen, and LDP or he is to talk about it, how would it look if they did not lead through example.

And it is a great example Mahi is putting out. I believe such a pro-active step is a sign of what the younger generation can bring to the table. I am at this intant not getting into Mahi's or LDP's politics (or their agendas). But what it shows is the willingness to reform. The willingness to accept the responsibility of making a mistake in the past and setting the agenda for the future. I do hope others will lead by his example.

Best of luck to Mahi B. I hope this is a sign of him maturing into a great leader.

Update: Mahi B. Choudhury launches a "platform" titled The Reformists. I belive it is not a political party but rather a "movement" to generate reform within politics itself. I look forward to seeing what he has up his sleeves.


Anonymous said...

Good example by Mahi. But why only him ? Was Dr. B Chy elected as the president ? Was Col Oli Ahmed elected as the 'executive president', a post we have never heard of. What about Major Mannan ? Actually can you indetify a single person in LDP who got elected by an internal council ? On Oct 26, 13 MPs joined LDP and was given various posts by default. Why not them ?

Nazim Farhan Choudhury said...

Why Mahi and not the others? Well becuase Mahi has taken a stance and others have not. Mahi is leading by example and hence the kudos.

And my personal view being that the others you talk about have gone past their sell by date! It is up to the young leadership to come forward and take the lead. Mahi in his own way has done just that.

I hope people in LDP and in other parties will follow the example he has set.

Anonymous said...

Farhan bhai,

The youth should come forward, but they also need guidance from the seniors. Otherwise we may get another BNP with the young turks turning into looteras and old stalwarts like B Chy, Mannan Bhuiyan and Oli ignored.

Dhaka Adman said...

And THAT'S why I'll always vote for Bikalpa Dhara, because he's one of the very few people I'd trust with my country.