Monday, June 11, 2007

Do I stand behind the CTG?

A reader of my blog recently asked me

So you basically you stand behind each and every wrong doings this government is doing?

I think this needs a proper answer instead of being hidden in the comments section. So here goes:

Do I agree with each and everything my parents do? Or for that matter my sister? Or my wife? Or my friends? No! Do I stand behind them and support them whole-heartedly. Yes. Do I wish for their success? Do I hurt at their failure? Do I give them advice or a shoulder to cry on? Do we promise time and time again to hold hands and do the best we can? Yes, yes, YES!!

Do I agree with “each and everything” the CTG does? Of course not. They are making mistakes. Some silly, some serious, some willing and most unwillingly. But are they on the right track? Most definitely. Are they better than the alternative? (though it is setting the bar very low) Does anyone have any doubts?

Given our circumstances now, I think the CTG is doing its part in bringing order where there was chaos, in bringing peace were there was confrontation, in bringing patriotism where there was individual thievery, and in bringing hope where there was despair. At times they are succeeding. At places they will stumble. It is a lot of ill, a lot of dirt, a lot of filth that one needs to clean up. For every 10 task they undertake, maybe they will not get a few right. But as God is my witness I am so happy that they are doing what they are doing rather than the nightmare that waited us a few months back.

But it is not their task alone. Each one of us has to ask what part we can play in the effort. It is easy to criticise but when it comes to doing, it is a different ball game. Are we all ready to play? To paraphrase JFK “Ask not what the CTG can do for the country but ask what you can do for the country.”


nazzina said...

Yey-right! Of course! Writing here is easier than doing stuff. Have you considered that there's an so called emergency out there and because of that they will not allow any of us to do anything other than arresting and eating lives? You're so damn happy? For what? For killing Cholesh Richil, Arresting Tasneem Khalil, uprooting people? Of course you should be when you're living in a comfort zone. You're not worried for the rest who live on day to day. These people are afraid of being harrassed and so they wont say a bloody thing against any of you. I'm at least bold enough to admit my mistakes for supporting army/ctg/individiual who's harming regular people and giving bokwas talks. I cannot imagine myself to stoop down a level where I will praise my relatives for crushing innocent lives.

And you know what? Before u wrote things about Tasneem K, have you ever tried to know whether whats written about his chats are at all true? Of course not, because you wouldnt question it when you're blindfolded by oh-so-successful ctg and freaking army. You'd rather believe them. If were going to give benefit of doubt, then why you werent man enough to ask him whats really happened?! Some people say you're in so high-club for having so many so called powerful people. What were you afraid of? Oh yes, of course! We dont want our advisor's son to be next anti-state person, do we now?

What a bokwas!

Tanvir said...

quite understandable, we have no other option open now. the CTG isn't looking for public support, because first of all it's not elected government, it's a selective polity. secondly, it seems that the CTG's activity is limited to straighten up the things a bit, making wrongs return, they will not be not be elected for second term, so they nothing to achieve. i like to believe, whatever CTG is doing, is doing for the interest of people, although people are harmed. The greatest fear now working in me now, is that will i be arrested too for writing this little piece of political information. we don't really know, on what basis the CTG is measuring our offenses. if in the end the result matters, i like to stay quiet for a while and see if the true democracy is restored in time. but nazzina apu's concern shows how conscious we all are, about these rather small! mistakes the CTG is making.

tanoydutta said...

Nazzina is right. In the country where we find still people like Nizami and Mujahid are breathing on free air.

This type of Copy-Cut-Paste is very much possible for any yellow journalist in the country. Has anyone given any chance to Tasneem to defend him self? Biggest limitation of this Govt is lack of transparency. I found some people of DP is very much Vocal about the ABC Australia report. But because of this Sate of emergency Local media is supressed . So I feel Most important is now to establish freedom of press and independence of Judiciary.

Russoue said...

CTG is the best thing happening in the country now. No doubt. Nazzina mentioned Choles Richil, arresting Tasneem Khalil, uprooting people. The first two were definitely wrong and about the third, uprooting people without a solution is wrong. But if someone tries to list the misdeeds of previous democratically elected governments, the list will be way too long. None can be perfect, nor is CTG. But they are doing many commendable jobs now. Trying the corrupt people would live in my dreams always if this CTG were not here. People are happy now, except a few who have vested interest otherwise. What bad things (e.g. holding power for long time, getting corrupt) may happen still may happen that is matter of future. Still they are doing great and they are not corrupt. I do not want to be unhappy thinking about whay bad may happen in future. I have seen enough bad things actually been done by previous governments. I am not getting swayed by propagandists. I did not understand what freedom is. Is it freedom being able to write whatever I want and at the same time our tax money being robbed by few people, no electricity at home, lawlessness all over the country, minorities being oppressed ruthlessly, poor become poorer, journalists being beaten, godfathers roaming the country, unemployed being robbed in the name of sending abroad as laborer etc. (the list is endless)? If someone tries to say that this govt. is worse than before I would like to tell others that: watch him/her, check him/her wealth statement.