Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Big Sister Is Listening

Does end always justify the means?

Well Americans seem to agree. Through their Patriot Act authorities there now have unprecedented means of spying on their own citizens. Recent reports of its abuse are only a Google search away! Now not only are their citizens not safe, neither is the world. Who around the world will listen to the US when they talk about “freedom” and “liberty” when their might be a CIA torture cell next door?

Well it seems that our leaders have learnt from the lessons being taught by President Bush’s men… the cabinet has, as you might have read, approved phone tapping measures. From now on without prior approvals, any “intelligence” services can not only eavesdrop but also use recordings against you in court. Better be careful next time you make a comment on a particular Minister’s hairstyle – you might redefine the “bad hair day” concept altogether.

So where does this stop? Extra judicial killings seem to have gotten the citizen’s approval. Similarly no serious attempts have been taken to bring to justice the murderers of our elected leaders –Ammanullah Master or SAMS Kibria! Are we safe despite the wire tapping? Who will defend my rights? Do I have any rights left anyway? Hey way the election rolls are being done soon I might not even have the right to vote!

Censorship is a dangerous tool, my friends! Loss of Privacy the same! I hate to think of the day when they figure out what is a blog! Till then, as they say in any good Police drama serial… “You have the right to remain silent…”

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