Saturday, January 21, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

As it is customary, here is THE list of promises I’ll break this year:

1. Be more regular in keeping my blog updated
2. Biriyani is the Devil’s way of enticing me
3. Liposuction! … or at least get on a treadmill from time to time
4. I shall not covet my neighbour’s car (bought myself a nice one recently!)
5. Figure out why I am late to work despite waking up before 7 am.
6. Maybe Biriyani isn’t bad after all.
7. Develop a new version of my fake smile.
8. No one really cares the rating of the songs in my iTunes!
9. I do not need all the song on my iPod – rationalise!
10. I do not need yet another iPod – Steve Jobs is rich enough.
11. Stop preaching
12. Stop belching as well
13. Learn Sylheti
14. Don’t be superstitious. (why is this one on number 13?? Is that an omen??)
15. Exercise. Or at least stretch.
16. Actually answer a phone call or two!
17. Not laugh at pointy haired ministers.
18. Not laugh at any ministers.
19. Not laugh at any past or future ministers either.
20. Not laugh at the policies that they make
21. Not laugh at the statements they make
22. What the hell?!?! If I don’t laugh at them where is my entertainment?
23. Play a sport… (FIFA 2006 does not count!)
24. Did I mention Biriyani???
25. “Yes and No” or “More or Less” are not specific answer.
26. Stop bugging Faiza or at least pretend to.
27. I don’t really need another gadget to figure out something I am not interested in.
28. Ditto with toys
29. Well maybe not!
30. Fakruddin’s Biriyani is not actually not Biriyani! Yes that’s my excuse!
31. Sign the petition to make wearing lungi to work!
32. Stop watching OC!
33. Eat vegetables! Shrimp and Chicken count as veggies!
34. As does Biriyani
35. Make shorter lists

Anyting else I should attempt at not keeping to?

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