Monday, January 23, 2006

Corruption is Happiness

Interestingly my ongoing Google search for the source of the Happiest Nation on Earth Survey (see below) is throwing up another interesting find. Apparently at times the distinction also belonged to Nigeria. That if you recollect is a fellow country near the top of the Corruption Perception Index published by Transparency International. Hmmm... that's a food for thought ain't it? Corruption = Happiness!

Maybe we can ask Dr. Steven Levitt the author of Freakonomics to find a co-relationship. Actually on a side note do look at his blog


Anonymous said...

A very good observation here, I must say. Nice blog and excellent title. Keep us the good work boss. Linking you back.

Shaat-el said...

Interesting observation... and even more interesting resolutions.

No article on the recent Election Commission Fiasco? As the optimist you are, I was hoping you would share your views on that... or did the *N* Censorship Board get in the way? :)