Wednesday, December 07, 2005

2 Talk or Just Scream at Each Other

The Government party as shown some initiative and has called for a national dialouge on the rise of Fundamentalism! The Opposition has shown thier short sightedness and refused to attend. You'll love the excuse - because the letter was hand delivered instead of coming in the post! I kid you not! Apperently during the SAARC summit the invite to the LoO (Leader of Opposition) was sent via snail mail so she got upset and went off sulking! This time around it was a snub! Oh what will happen to us? Awami League needs to get out and reinvent itself. It needs to show that they are above petty politics. When will they ever learn?

I think the fear that AL has is that BNP is putting up a charade about dialouge, and are not actually interested in doing anything of this nature. It is to make political hay while the bombs blast away! Is that credible? Actually it is! I won't put one by the BNP for doing something like this but wait up AL can take them up on the offer and turn the plot around on its head! Take charge Mr. Shabber H Chowdhury! Show them the way!

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