Friday, December 30, 2005


"Tis is a season to be jolly... sha la la la lah"

And hence no boring posts about the depressing situations all around! Well atleast that is the excuse for being busy and lazy! Any way I'm back with my regular posts from now on. Apologies to 108 unique visitors who hit my home page! I've got a nifty stat checker which tells me who has come and for how long they have been here! So you guys better subscribe to the blog (look for the link on the side panel in the right) and save yourself the embarrassment of my pop quiz on the blog! Hah haa!

I've actually got a lot to say but its late now... 2:48 am. And I'm full of great biryani from Zarif Munir's wedding. (Congrats dude!) So tomorrow for sure... well actually in the morning in a couple of hours!

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