Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New Age and Tommy Miah

Oh I think it is pent up blogging. After two or three days of break I seem to be blogging non stop today! Sorry for so many posts. But two things I wanted to mention.

1. New Age is carrying the article Shades of Green in today's op-ed page (Pg 5).

2. Those of you in Dhaka do remember to visit Tommy Miah's Heritage a wonderful resturant of Bengali Fusion food! Superb ambiance and great food! (Tommy's left a comment!) Come on everyone leave a comment and I will blatantly promote you! :)


Sabrina Chowdhury said...

Farhan: Just wanted to let you know I appreciated your blogging. Actually, I enjoyed it. Such deep thought becomes the optimist. I really see myself having to vote for you on some kind of ballot someday...til then let's hang out some more.

Faisal Kader said...

When Nazim Farhan Chowdhury suggested that I should set up my own blog, I was wondering what should I post there. I was happy commenting on Farhan’s postings (which are, by the way, absolutely brilliant) and didn’t feel like taking it on further. Farhan suggested that I could write about life after immigration in Canada.

I mulled over it while looking at the 20 cm snow outside being further piled up with incessant flurries and thought that it’s a very good idea. Ever since I came to Canada, lots and lots of people from Bangladesh asked me about what to expect as an immigrant in Canada particularly in the early years of settlement. I must confess that there is no “the answer” because all depends on a number of things particularly a new comer’s mentality, attitude and off-course, very very importantly, the amount of money they bring with them.

However, there is always a “bigger picture” which one should know about. A very recent article published in a powerful Toronto daily, “The Globe and Mail” contains a detailed picture with substantive analysis that might interest the blog readers.

Please feel free to post your comments, questions, etc. I’ll be happy to respond although I don’t promise that I will be able to do so very quickly (but I will try).
My blog address is: