Thursday, December 15, 2005


Hi everyone! First of all thank you for such wonderful response to the New Age article! I've been busy all day answering phone calls, sms and emails about it. Thanks for the support!

Something that a few mentioned is that it is difficult to remember to keep checking the postings everyday or even keep track of when I am updating. Well to help those people I've included a subscription system. Using a service called Bloglet it allows you to register to this blog. So everytime I update the site they will send you an email saying that there is a new post. (Well actually they will only email you once a day) If you want you can use this Bloglet to keep track of other blogs as well [ Have you checked out Faisal Bhai's one as yet? -] And rest assured the service is safe and spam free.

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And for my growing Indian readers a special coming up in the next few days! My new piece on SAARC is almost complete and I hope to have it up before I go off to Chittagong next week for Rocky's wedding! Subscribe so that you are aware of the update when it happens!

Wedding season starts today for me... I'm off to two weddings tonight! :(

PS Chicky what happened to the comment you spoke about this morning?


Faisal Kader said...

I,ve posted an interesting article that appeared in the Toronto Star in my blog ( which talks about the US atrocities in Canadian politics. This might be of interest your blogger mates. I'm sure you'll like it too.
Faisal Bhai

Afshin said...

Power failiure prevented me from posting my comments that day and from that day onwards being in Sylhet caused such a late response.
I see that time mooved on and my coments have become out of date. Even then I shall speak my mind.

I see that you got a tremendous response on your article in New Age. It also comforting to see that a lot of people support your view on Islamist politics in the long run. I agree too. Banning Jaamat will be a disastar in the long run. Forcing them undergroung will help to increase terror ratar then end it.

In nid 90's when it became apparent that BJP's comming to power is only amatter of time made me worried. I took very seriously their comunal views and jingoistic attitude to India's neighbours. At that time I happend to meet an Indian gentelman. He was quite comfortable with the idea of BJP comming to power. He told me that it is better if BJP comes to power. The realities of power will force them to diregard communal attitude and force them to adopt more secular and tolarent attitude and policies. Look what happened in the end. India saw hardly any major rioting during BJP rule except Gujrat. It also became cause of its downfall. They also took pragmatic amd tolerant attitude towards their neighbours. Evenafter Kargil they moved forward with peace process with Pakistan. And now out of power the party is in diarray.

Similarly Jamat is loosing its shine being close to power. Few days back a confession by a JMB activist caught my eye. He was an ex-shibir. He told that he became disillutioned when comming to power Jaamat dropped its jehadi attitude and nolonger inspired its members on the path of shahadat. Hence he joins JMB.

We must remember both BJP and Jaamat are cadre based party and their only slogans are religious and their views on development are somewhat obsecure.

It also noteworthy to remember that the then Shah of Iran banned Ayattullah Khomeniy to preach his views and forced him out of the country. We all know what happened after.