Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

"What seems to be the basic fear behind the reluctance to act ?" asks Probal Chakravorty (Pls see comment to Hasina ♥ Jamaat)

Good question as usual Probal. I would venture a guess saying that it is basically because of two reasons

Firstly: Ostrich syndrome. We do not believe that the problem exists. Well even if we now know we tend to believe it is under control. See from the knee jerk reactions that are abound. (Take the case of tearing out pages of India Today as an example). See if we say that the problem exists then it is perceived as a failure of the Government.

Secondly: Headless Chicken Syndrome. Now that we see visually that something is happening we do not know how to act on and get hold of the terrorists. Unlike most suicide bombings in other areas these are not aimed at Western powers or their economic arms (KFC in Pakistan or JW Marriott in KL have been victims). But scarily enough by Muslims against Muslims. Making it harder to know where, how and by whom.

I guess I should have also touched upon the Dodo Syndrome: one that involves the head, or the lack thereof!

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